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Jonas Gerard Fine Art Signed Print "Metro Heights V" 8x10 in Framed

Jonas Gerard Fine Art Signed Print "Metro Heights V" 8x10 in Framed

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Jonas Gerard's paintings are bright, uplifting, and full of his presence. The energy one can experience thru his artwork is visceral and tangible. Jonas died in 2020 at the age of 79, but there are still opportunities to own Jonas' original work. This 8x10 print is signed by Jonas and framed. His work included vivid, energetic, loosely calligraphic and gestural abstractions, painted with fluid acrylics and utilizing custom-made trowels and other painting tools, often done as live painting performances for large audiences in painting studios located within each gallery. Jonas was also well known for his exuberant, booming personality, infectious enthusiasm, and massive generosity to individuals and organizations in North Carolina, New Hampshire, and beyond. He was affectionately described by many as a force of nature. He maintained a childlike sense of wonder in virtually every moment, and aspired to paint with the unselfconscious exuberance that young children have. For Jonas, painting was the antidote to suffering, loneliness, and pain, and he often openly cried when he could share that sense of joy and bliss with anyone who felt it emanating from his radiant canvases.  

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